Ideas for this Christmas

Canapés with cucumber, guacamole and prawns

Cut the cucumber slices about 6 mm thick. Spread a teaspoon of our delicious Native guacamole and place two seared and peeled prawns on top. Garnish with chopped chives and voilà! You have a healthy and fresh hors d’oeuvre for your parties.

Tartlets with guacamole and salmon

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Avocados in special diets, are they really astringent?


Avocados, the delicious superfood that, apart from being a nutritious fruit, seems to have become a gastronomic treat of late. However, its healthy fat, which gives it a very creamy texture, and its unmistakable flavour, make avocados both an exceptional culinary and healthy option at the same time.

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Why avocados and mangos are climacteric fruits?


Within the different classifications that can be applied to fruits, there is one that enables classifying them as either climacteric and non-climacteric fruits. Due to their characteristics, both avocados and mangos are climacteric fruits.

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Mango masks, an ally of beauty


Calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iodine and zinc. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E. Antioxidant and anticarcinogenic. These are some of the benefits of mango, which can become the best excuse for making sure this fruit is never missing from the fruit bow.

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15 Varieties of avocado you probably don’t know about


It is the fruit that everyone is talking about. Yes, the fruit, because there are still many who don’t know whether avocados are a fruit or vegetable. Although what really matters is that it is an authentic joy thanks to its creamy pulp, which is irresistible on a slice of toast, or in… Continue reading

3 compelling reasons for making the most of mangos in the kitchen

We already know the qualities that mangos have when it comes to their properties and we also know that this tropical fruit is grown in Spain. Mangos have certain characteristics that make it a unique fruit, usually associated with “sweet” dishes such as desserts or to make the most refreshing and vitaminized juices, but are… Continue reading

Are avocado masks really so good?


Although the cosmetics industry offers face masks and other beauty products, natural remedies continue to enjoy popularity and are widely used. The benefits of new products being launched on the market are now added to traditional products, such as honey or lemon. A good example are avocados, which have become a sought-after product thanks… Continue reading

The Avocado oil

Do you think you know everything that avocados can provide for our health? This fruit can still surprise you a little more. If the avocado is a superfood it’s not without reason. Its regular consumption has an endless amount of benefits for our physical and mental well-being.


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Seeds of avocados: Medicinal uses


All right: it is certain that most of us throw out the seeds of the avocados we have already eaten, don’t you? If you knew all the medicinal uses of an avocado’s pip, you wouldn’t make the mistake of discarting such an interesting part of this tropical fruit.


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Avocado and mango: the best way to preserve them



avocado and mango

Avocado and mango are delicious and perfect to eat every time of the day, but they are also nutritive and rich in vitamins and minerals. Avocados, mangos and other subtropical fruit are a refreshing way to include nutrients and vitamins that help us be healthy. And the best is that… Continue reading