names of avocado

names of avocado

Avocado is a very popular fruit as it is perfect to be included as a part of a balanced diet. Even it is considered to be superfood, and there are many reasons to explain it, as it is plenty of minerals and nutrients which prevent from diseases and illness and help us being healthy.


Avocado? Yes, we are talking about the fruit with dark green rough rind and bright green pulp. Its pulp is creamy and it has big brown seed. It is almost certain that you know the fruit we are talking about, but is is also possible that you don’t call it avocado as there are more names to call this fruit: avocados.

More names to call this fruit: avocado

Just in the countries where Spanish is an official language, there are ten different ways to speak about avocados. Ten denominations that reflect how popular this product is, moreover it is very wellknown along the American Continent, as Persea tree, whose fruit is avocado, is originary from this region.

These are 10 Spanish names to call avocado. How many of them do you know?

  1. Aguacata, this is an ancient denomination.
  2. Aguacate is used in Spain, El Salvador and Colombia.
  3. Aguaco, another way to talk of it.
  4. Ahuaca, is less popular when speaking of avocado in Spanish language.
  5. Alligator pear, is asynonymous of avocado used along the United States.
  6. Avocado, same word that in English, is for Venezuela, United States and Spain.
  7. Cura is the synonymous that venezuelan used to refer this popular superfood.
  8. Pagua is the most popular word to call avocado in Cuba.
  9. Palta is one of the most common names to call avocado in Spanish. They call it palta in Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina. So, in case we are in one of this countries we have to remember to ask and buy palta.
  10. Persea is the scientific mano of the tree that produces avocados. Persea Americana is the tree but Persea can be used to talk about both tree and its fruit.

How is avocado called in other languages and countries?

We have just find out the more manes to call a fruit like avocado in Spanish, but the game is not over, as there are many other denominations according to differente languages and countries. Do you know how they refer avocado in this countries and regions?  Some of them are quite amazing!

  1. Abacate is the way they say it in Brazil.
  2. Abacateiro is the most common word used in Galizia. It can be utilized both for fruit and tree. Abacate can be listened too, but it is less popular.
  3. Ahuakateondoa is how they call in the Basque Country language.
  4. Alvocat is the term that they use in Catalonia when talking Catalan..
  5. Avocado is the most common way to call this fruit. This is the preferred term in English, but in is also used in Italian, Turkish, Africaans, Slavic Languages, such as Russian or Languages from the Balcans, Greek or Albanian as examples.
  6. Avocat is the word that French pronounce when they want to say that they are going to buy avocado.

Do you know that…?

  • Aguacate, the most popular term in Spain, comes form náhuatl ahuácatl whose meaning is Instead, Avocado, the most common English term, it related to lawyers, as they are called “Abogados” in Spanish..
  • Guacamole is a typical Mexican dish which includes avocado as a main ingredient. Guacamole is a word from náhuatl too, it is related to the term ahuacamolli, whose meaning is “avocado sauce”. It is a curious fact as it confirms that this fruit has culinary used from ages.
  • “Palta” is a common synonymous. This term is from quechua, but it is not just to call the fruir, as paltas were an etnia that lived in Equador.
  • Aguacate is not just the way they call avocado in El Salvador and Guatemala. As aguacate is also used to refer a lazy person.

Now we know the more names to call avocado, we can buy and enjoy it when travelling around the World so we can take advantage of the many benefits of eating avocado regularly. To know the many names to call this fruit can be useful, but the really important thing to know is that avocado is a fruit is a perfect ally to be healthy.