subtropical Fruits from the south of spain


Avocados, mangos, custard apple or papayas are tropical fruit. If you had to indicate the place where they are produced, sure you would point it in an exotic country, somewhere in South America, Africa or Asia, maybe.

Well, we have some amazing news: The tropical fruit is also produced in Europe. Not just in Europe, but it comes from  sunny Spain.


How is it possible that tropical fruit can be grown in Spain?

Strictly speaking, it can be considered as tropical fruit, as well as it can’t be say that it comes from Spain as a whole country. It is not as easy as it sounds, as some conditions must meet so this kind of fruit grows and ripe to become a product ready to be sold, and not all the territories of “sunny Spain” can offer those conditions…

But there is an Spanish region where those conditions meet, as it joins high-medium temperaturas – weather conditions quite similar to those that can be found in subtropical regions -. This place, located in Malaga, is called La Axarquia.


Subtropical fruit produced in Spain: Is is new?

The growth of sub tropical fruit in Spain is not a kind of trend or something new, it has been producing for about sixty years in La Axarquia where some tropical fruit trees were planted considering the peculiarities of local weather. The first production of  custard apple was considered successful some new varieties of trees were planted and following harvesting confirmed La Axarquia as a right place to grow tropical fruit.

Nowadays, development of shipping and well-informed consumers join an equation whose result is that tropical fruit from South Spain is an easy-to-find product in our shops, groceries or supermarkets. A good example is the increase of avocados’ production, as avocado is considered basic in a well-balanced diet.

Buyers take care of their diet when shopping, but their are also concerned about the impact of growth and shipping  of food they buy. It means that they want to know the origin of the products they acquire and they prefer that come from neared plantations. This conscience explains the reason why most consumers choose sub-tropical fruit that comes from Spain.

The direct result is that Avocados, mangos, custard apples and other tropical fruits from Spain are a demanded product.


Why shoud I buy subtropical fruit from Spain?

Sub tropical fruit that comes from the South of Spain is growing closer to the person who is going to enjoying it, so producer can harvest it when is ready to be eaten. Buyer can be certain that is getting a product that has been harvested it the proper time, so aspect, colour, texture and smell are perfect, as well as its taste.

Nearer to the consumer is important because of the quality of the product, but closer production means less time of shipping which reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

There is another important reason to buy subtropical fruit from La Axarquia: Employment Generation in a European region, as fruit production support many families, thanks to growth, harvest and packing of fruit that is sold in Spain and other countries.


Is Spain the only country where subtropical fruit of the country is sold?

A part of the harvested subtropical fruit is sold in local markets across Spain, but many European countries know the advantages of the Spanish alternative to fruit from tropical products. More and more European countries demand Spanish sub tropical fruit because of its quality. That is re reason why avocados, mangos, papayas and other tropical fruits produced in Spain travel through Europe to reach different markets, from France Germany or Belgium to The United Kingdom or Nordic Countries.


Some examples of tropical fruit producers from Spain

The production of tropical fruit from Spain does not only includes custard apples mangos papayas and avocados, not there are a lot of products that grow in the South o Spain. The increase of the varieties of products means that consumes can enjoy different types of delicious fruit such as passion fruit, guava or lychee.

It is important to point that buyer can enjoy a lot of tastes by acquiring different types of fruit, but the possibilities are even more as the production includes some varieties of the same fruit, so consumer can choose between different producers of avocado and mango from Spain in plantations sited in Malaga and Granada.


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