Frutas Montosa in FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019

The next 6th, 7th and 8th of February will be another year in Fruit Logistica 2019.

The most international European fruit and vegetable fair held every year in Berlin, this fair includes all business areas and participants in the fresh produce market, providing a complete overview of new products and services throughout the process.… Continue reading

Global producer countries of avocados and mangos



Avocados and mangos global market has been developing in the last years,

Avocado ‘s distribution grew during 2016 when it reached 5.788.000 tons of product, which means an increase of  5,6% annual between 2007 and 2016. The growth of avocados distributions has been increasing in this period, but it was during… Continue reading



Avocado is a source of medicinal properties thanks to the nutrients contained in the fruit, thus being considered a prodigious fruit because it helps to combat certain diseases using all parts of the avocado for these purposes: the oil of the seed to prevent hair loss, gout or rheumatism; its leaves by way of… Continue reading

Characteristics of the Mango Tree, Care and Feeding

With proper care, the mango tree allows us to enjoy its harvest of fruit once or  twice a year.


In order to select the seed, we need to consult the most common in our area. We can’t forget that the mango is a tropical fruit and for that reason needs an abundant… Continue reading

Subtropical fruit comes also from the south of Spain

subtropical Fruits from the south of spain


Avocados, mangos, custard apple or papayas are tropical fruit. If you had to indicate the place where they are produced, sure you would point it in an exotic country, somewhere in South America, Africa or Asia, maybe.

Well, we have some amazing news: The tropical fruit is… Continue reading

The avocado in the Mexican culture



Avocado is a worldwide known fruit as nowadays avocados are easy to find most everywhere. The properties and benefits of alligator’s pears  are well known, and some of those benefits are quite important for example the effects of avocado’s nutrients in the regulation of cholesterol’s levels or the prevention of… Continue reading

Frutas Montosa at Fruit Logistica 2018

frutas montosa at fruit logistica 2018


One more year Frutas Montosa will participate in Fruit Logistica 2018, this trade fair covers every single sector of the fresh produce business and provides a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services at every link in the international supply chain.


We will wait… Continue reading

Make ‘Aguacate’ great again

avocado newyork

This is the way they planned to make avocado the most popular fruit in the United States.


20 years ago, the association which works to promote the consumption of avocado from California decided to make grow the consumption of this fruit in the United States. At that time, it was thought that… Continue reading