avocado newyork

avocado newyork

This is the way they planned to make avocado the most popular fruit in the United States.


20 years ago, the association which works to promote the consumption of avocado from California decided to make grow the consumption of this fruit in the United States. At that time, it was thought that eating avocado was related to high levels of cholesterol as it owns lots of calories and Americans started to be aware of fast food and its side effects.


The keys of the communications were three. All of them tried and presented the avocado as a fruit with a lot of benefits.

– The campaign was supported by American Heart Association (AHA) as some researches had proved that avocado reduces artery’s cholesterol levels.

It is rich in fibre. So the regular consumption of avocado is recommended to people suffering from intestinal problems in the USA.

Polyphenols and flavonoids that avocado owns, make from this fruit a natural remedy for the improvement of the circulatory system while they prevent thrombus.


Based on the results of researches and investigation performed on citizens who had increased the consumption of avocado as a part of their dairy diet, Californian farmers got to prove with facts and data the advantages and the benefits of a regular consumptions of avocados for the North American population.
The development of the knowledge of the benefits of eating avocados joined to the increase of the price of Mexican Avocado, due to an import tax, made it possible the growth of the production of Californian avocado. In fact, the crop of avocado developed very fast at the beginning of this century.
As a curious fact: the communication campaign included actresses like Angie Dickinson , who at that moment was famous as she had performed popular films such as Rio Bravo or Captain Newman. The choice of famous actresses contribute to change the profile of avocado’s consumer: before the campaign, it was related to Latin consumers; thanks to Angie Dickinson the profile of the consumer changed drastically.


A later research performed in North American consumers revealed that 97% of Hispanic population used to buy avocado, but there were not just emigrated Mexicans who loved guacamole, but buyers of avocado were the 49% of the total population of the United States. In 2003 a survey described the “typical North American avocados’ buyer” as a person between 25 and 54 years old with minimum incomes of 50.000 dollars per month, belonging high-medium class and with University Education. The survey also revealed that most buyers were women.

Some years later, in 2007, the profile of a avocado’s buyer became a woman between 25 y 45 years old who was usually worried about her health. Definetely a profile who fits the current consumer.
There is a region of Europe whose climatic characteristics make it possible the crop and development of avocado: the South of Spain, specially Andalusia. In this region, farmers such as Frutas Montosa make a selective cultivation of the fruit of avocado as they try to produce high quality avocados ready to reach all the European Union. By selecting and taking care of all the production steps they make an effort to obtain fresh fruit full of benefits when an European consumer buys and eats an Spanish avocado.