Avocados and mangos global market has been developing in the last years,

Avocado ‘s distribution grew during 2016 when it reached 5.788.000 tons of product, which means an increase of  5,6% annual between 2007 and 2016. The growth of avocados distributions has been increasing in this period, but it was during l 2011 when it speeded up (in the period 2007-2010 it has been increasing too, but the growth was quite irregular).


Global exporting countries of avocados and mangos

  1. México 1.47
  2. Dominican Republic 0,39
  3. Colombia 0.30
  4. Perú 0.29
  5. Indonesia 0.28



Fruit’s wholesalers took advantage of the increase as market reached 13.797 millions dollars (a total increase of 23% inn comparison with the previous year).

Main alligator’s pears’ consumers are from Mexico, Dominican Republic and United States. Here there are average data percentiles in the countries with the higher number of consumers:


  • -Mexico -> 17%.
  • -United States -> 16%.
  • -Dominican Republic -> 10%.
  • -Indonesia -> 5%.
  • -Colombia -> 5%.
  • -Peru -> 4%.
  • -Brasil -> 3%.
  • -China -> 3%
  • -Kenya -> 3%
  • -Ruanda -> 3%

The total amount of the rest of countries was 31% of global intake.

If we extrapolate data per countries, Dominican Republic was the place which experienced the higher growth of actions between 2007 and 2016 (5%) followed by Peru (with a 2% approx.). Anyway, the trend was not de same in Mexico, were actions reduced a 24% during 2007, a trend that continued until 2016.

Previsions are even more optimist now, as it is expected that avocado’s market reaches  7.6 millions euros until 2025. Although it is not a daily product, it is well known everywhere mainly because of its nutritional  intake, as it is a product that contents vitamins, fibre, minerals and  monounsaturated fats.

Researches point that avocados are going to continue to be sold in the same line, even with an increase of the sales volume due to the rise of the consumption and   free trade agreements . Anyway, it is important to take into account that many exporter countries have limited their internal demand which could eventually limit the growth in the future.


Global mango overview


Mango is ready to start its golden age from 2016; and facts point that this could be the time when it would experience its production reaching 372.900 tons (which means a total amount of  202.5 millions dollars just in Mexico, with a total annual increase of 7,8%).

México is the main global exporter of fruit, closely followed by Peru. Peruvian export reached 198,4 millions, which means a total increase of 1,3% in comparison with the previous year 2015, when 195,9 millions where registered..

Mains destinations of export of mangos were the following countries::

  • In the first place, there are The Netherlands, that got a 38% of imported product (which means 75,4 millions dollars).
  • In the second place, the United States with a 28% (that is 55,4 millions dollars).
  • Third place for the United Kingdom with 95 (equivalent to 18,4 millions dollars).


But with doubt, the place that registered a higher increase was Asiatic market. Asia said yes to the arrival of Peruvian mango at the end of 2015 (this was possible thanks to the actions taken by “Servicio Natural de Sanidad Agraria) to indicate the standards of quality of the product.

This action became perfect to show the many chances which Asian expansion can offer.

Although trend is positive, experts advise that it is better to keep calm for now. To get the estimated data it is important to establish preventive protocols against extreme atmospheric changes ( changes and contingencies such as drought or floods, but rock fall and other too, as it is advisable not to forget that changes can both affect cultivation areas of mango and the facilities that make it possible the sale of fruit)

It is also important to continue to work to meet the plant protection requirements that some Asian countries expect ( China, Japan or Singapore as examples), this is the way to get a major expansion of the product to new countries.

In short, avocado and mango are in their best moment, and researches and analysis point that market trends are going to follow in this direction in the next years..