Avocado is a worldwide known fruit as nowadays avocados are easy to find most everywhere. The properties and benefits of alligator’s pears  are well known, and some of those benefits are quite important for example the effects of avocado’s nutrients in the regulation of cholesterol’s levels or the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, benefits of eating avocado are as much as it is considered superfood.


Besides avocados are worldly famous, there is a place that can presume of being the cradle of this fruit; the origins of this product are easy to find: avocado is from Mexico, even it is from the central and eastern highlands of the country.

The History of avocado is the History of Mexican culture

Avocado in Mexico is not just a relationship between a fruit and its original place, but it is joined to its History and its culture, it is even joined to the way Mexican understand lifestyle!  That is because avocado is hardly connected to life in Mexico, from its first inhabitants to the ones who live in Mexico right now and to those who are living everywhere…

We have already mentioned that the origins of avocado can be placed in Mexico, that is a fact as Persea tree, the plant that produces avocados, comes from central and eastern highlands of Mexico where the seeds of avocados began to be cultivated seven millennia ago. There area some documents that point that Mexicans have been using avocado in gastronomy from those times.

Nowadays, nutritional facts of avocados are very popular, although the first Mexican producers understood the value of this product, not just as a part of a healthy diet, as they used to use avocados as a payment method.

So, Mexican communities began to develop, but avocado stayed as an important part of such evolution, moreover when we point to Mexican gastronomy.


Avocado in Mexican gastronomy

Mexican gastronomy is rich in products, ingredients and tastes: corn, beans and avocado, of course, are three of the never missing products in a Mexican kitchen. In particular avocado is indispensable to cook a Mexican star dish: guacamole.

Guacamole is a dish which now is known and cooked in many places, it is also well appreciated due to its special taste. For example: guacamole is one of the most eaten products during Super Bowl.  But, besides its popularity, guacamole is a typical Mexican dish. In fact, the origins of this avocado’s sauce can be found several centuries ago because guacamole comes from the Nahuatl term ahuacamolli.

Guacamole is, by far, the most popular Mexican dish, but it is not the only way to cook avocado, as there are many recipes with avocados, including salads, meat, fish and soups, as well as desserts and sweets.

Avocado, from Mexico to everywhere

When Spanish reached the continent found out the treasure of Mexican people: avocados, so in their return travel they brought lots of avocados to Europe, where the product became popular thanks to its taste and texture. Anyway, Mexico has always been the main productor of avocado.

Avocado is considered the “Green Gold” of Mexico. The reason to explain it, a fact: Aguacate de Mexico reaches all the World from Canada, and the demand for avocado is increasing as people are always becoming aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle including avocado as a part of a balanced diet. It is clear that Mexican economy depends on avocado.

Can avocados just be eaten to enjoy their effects? Not at all! Mexicans have discovered how to take advantage of their green gold. For example: they also prepare different products from avocado, from cosmetics to medicine, as the benefits of this fruit can also be enjoyed by using products made with its pulp and seeds. Another reason why avocado’s cultivation is so important in Mexico is because wood from Persea as it is considered as a very quality product.

Mexico is the perfect country to grow avocados, but this country is not the only region where alligator pear can be cultivated, California in the United Stated and Malaga (South of Spain) join proper characteristics for the cultivation of high quality avocados, those that have been growth by Frutas Montosa as an example.