avocado masks


Although the cosmetics industry offers face masks and other beauty products, natural remedies continue to enjoy popularity and are widely used. The benefits of new products being launched on the market are now added to traditional products, such as honey or lemon. A good example are avocados, which have become a sought-after product thanks to everything they contribute to health and well-being.

The benefits of avocados are not only obtained from eating them, as there are other ways they can be used to improve our appearance. Avocado masks, for example, are one of the most sought-after and best valued elixirs of beauty and, furthermore, an excellent way to make the most of very ripe avocados.

You don’t have to make much of an effort to find hundreds of recipes for rotten or ripe avocado masks, but are these masks really effective for hair care or facial care?


Do masks made from gone off avocados really work?


The well-known “rotten avocado mask” is a popular formula for hair care that has been used for a long time in some countries, although Spain came to it a little later, like fruit to markets.

It is easy to prepare and cheap, as only one or two gone off avocados are needed, without the seeds, to make a paste that will be applied to the hair for about 45 minutes. After this time, remove the hair mask with lots of water and add a shampoo, if you want.

After less than an hour of treatment (less than it takes to apply a product like that in the hairdresser), the hair should look spectacular… Or that’s what those who have tried it say. Could it be true?

It depends on who uses it or, better said, your hair’s characteristics. As we already know, avocados are rich in fatty oils (those that are highly beneficial for the heart and arteries), and that can also be ideal for providing extra hydration to dry, fragile, damaged or broken hair with ease. In other words, the gone off avocado hair mask works with dry hair, but it isn’t the best for oily hair, as the avocados will add even more oil.


Tips for using natural avocado masks which work


Masks using very ripe avocados can be an excellent alternative for hair care, although to avoid unnecessarily wasting time (and also the occasional scare) we recommend following these tips:

  • Only choose masks with proven effectiveness

There are thousands of recipes online, and it is easy to find natural remedies containing avocado, but not all are effective, and some may even be dangerous…Before applying a natural treatment, it is recommendable to ensure that it comes from a reliable source, and that both the ingredients and the measurements are correct.

  • Strictly follow the recipe

Just like in the kitchen, in beauty there is no room for improvisation, at least not if one hopes to obtain the promised results. To get hydrated and healthy hair, you must follow the avocado mask and other natural product mask recipes as indicated, using all the necessary ingredients and in the quantities that are expressed in the original beauty treatment recipe.

  • Buy quality products, cultivated organically

A natural mask can offer advantages for improving beauty and health by avoiding applying chemicals, such as those used in cosmetics, to hair, but to be 100% sure you are applying a natural product, you have to choose local products which have been cultivated through respectful processes with nature.

  • Pay attention to allergens

As with food, there are also products that can cause adverse reactions when they come into contact with the skin. Therefore, before using a natural mask, it is advisable to apply a small amount on the arm, to make sure that it doesn’t cause a rash or redness …

Apply the avocado mask on hair and face only if, after removing it completely and waiting for a while, no major changes in the skin are observed.


Avocado masks are used to achieve hydrated and shiny hair, but they are also very cheap, as they can be made using the gone off (very ripe) avocados that we have at home.