All right: it is certain that most of us throw out the seeds of the avocados we have already eaten, don’t you? If you knew all the medicinal uses of an avocado’s pip, you wouldn’t make the mistake of discarting such an interesting part of this tropical fruit.


Medicinal uses of avocado’s seed


Are you ready to find out all the benefits that alligator’s pear pip owns? We must advert you: there are a lot of benefits. In fact, there are as much good things that we have could divided into the parts of your body that would take an advantage in case your decided to include the seeds of avocados in your diet.

Benefits for the immune system

We can start by talking about the immune system where pips don’t just contribute to be healthier, but they really improve your health,  as it avoids infections and progressive debilitating diseases.

There are many good reasons to keep avocado’s seeds. Some of the most important ones are that they have antimicrobial properties and strengthening effect, which is perfect to avoid diseases, mainly those caused by bacteria or virus.

Benefits for your heart

One of the most popular profits of the consumption of alligator’s pear it the nexus between cholesterol reduction and avocado’s fat. But this interesting benefit is not just referred to the time we enjoy a fresh avocado or a toast with a little  flesh, there are even more benefits if we do not throw out the seed.

Benefits for  digestive system

Digestive system can also take an advantage of the bounties of the consumption of avocado’s seeds. By one side, it has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, which helps reduce and eliminate common diseases of the digestive track, including diarrhoea.

In case you suffer from an ulcer, nuggets become a fantastic ally to reduce its symthoms.

Would you like to lose weight? If the answer is yes,  by throwing out the seeds of avocados, you are making a very big mistake as this part is rich in fibre, even it is the richest food!

Benefits for the respiratory system

A regular consumption of avocado’s seeds is recommended to people suffering from asthma as it helps reduce its symptoms, moreover if joined to other healthy habits.

Benefits for the beauty of skin and

The many medicinal uses of the seeds of avocados make as feel well inside out. Literal.

On one hand, the pip of the alligators’ make you look better as it helps in the reduction of acne while  prevents against the appearance of wrinkle; on the other hand, the benefits of the regular consumption of the fat that the seed contains helps reduce dandruff,  at the same time hair looks healthier and brighter.


How can you take profit of the many medicinal uses of the seeds of the avocados you eat?


Now that you know that the pip of an avocado offers a lot of benefits for your health, it is possible that you are planning to include its consumption so you can take advantage of them. Well, we have good news: there are many ways to prepare avocados’ seeds. In fact, there are almost as many ways as benefits!

The most popular form to include the pip of your avocados in your dairy diet is by preparing an infusion, it is as easy as quickly. If you have time – and patience – you can let it dry too.

But there is not need to cook the seed to enjoy it: you can chop and add it to your favourite recipes. For example, you can put it in your salad, in your soups or even in the smoothies you take. The taste of the seeds of the avocados is bitter, so it apports a special touch to your food.

This part of the avocados can also be toasted or roasted. If you toast it, you can even grind it to obtain a really healthy seasoning to add to all your recipes from simple salads to the most exquisite dishes of meat or fish. It is the perfect way to eat seed’s of avocado regularly!

So you know it know: Next time you eat an avocado, don´t throw out its seed as your are throwing out many nutrients, vitamins and oils that could make you  be healthier in a natural way.