We already know the qualities that mangos have when it comes to their properties and we also know that this tropical fruit is grown in Spain. Mangos have certain characteristics that make it a unique fruit, usually associated with “sweet” dishes such as desserts or to make the most refreshing and vitaminized juices, but are we really aware of all the culinary possibilities of this fruit?

For months, Frutas Montosa has been working on our Spanish webpage for creating recipes with mangos. Not only are we talking about sweets and cakes, but also excellent starters, tapas or very nutritious dishes made with mango.

Three properties that mangos have which make it a versatile ingredient in the kitchen:

1) The first one we could say is its texture. After being cooked, mango pulp is thick which is perfect for creating all kinds of sauces.

2) It isn’t too sweet. Once cooked, its flavour is not as sweet as other fruits when cooked such as apples. It’s therefore goes perfectly with meat and fish dishes without taking away from their flavour.

3) Its colour, red, orange or ochre, provides excellent contrasts for your dishes with green vegetables or to add a bit of colour to an exquisite fish that is lacking an attractive colour after being cooked.


What menu based on mango do we recommend?


On our Frutas Montosa website you can find dishes prepared by our collaborating chefs, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Pepe Rodríguez, two mentoring chefs on Master Chef, the Spanish television programme. Here, we show you some of these recipes cooked by them.

Why not start with a fresh salad with mango such as a simple tomato salad with tuna belly and mango? This will definitely open up our appetite and we can complete it with a dish that contains a superfood such as quinoa by making a delicious quinoa salad, with corn, tomatoes and mango.

Do you like to dip? This is the fashionable term when referring to soaking food in sauce. Mango sauce has those characteristics, a bittersweet taste and texture, which make it the perfect sauce for dipping. You can use mango sauce for dipping whatever you want, for example: a delicious plantain and fried yucca or use it to cook a light vegetable tempura with mango sauce.

Lastly, to finish off our menu we recommend some dishes to surprise your guests with such as rice with mushrooms and bacon with mango sauce, or also something that nobody would expect such as beef stew, cauliflower and mango sauce.

Now that you know all the possibilities that mangos have to offer you in the kitchen, we hope that you can start enjoying and creating your own dishes using delicious mangos in the kitchen. There is no excuse with so many recipes!