Canapés with cucumber, guacamole and prawns

Cut the cucumber slices about 6 mm thick. Spread a teaspoon of our delicious Native guacamole and place two seared and peeled prawns on top. Garnish with chopped chives and voilà! You have a healthy and fresh hors d’oeuvre for your parties.

Tartlets with guacamole and salmon

A delicious and easy to make recipe. Place a tablespoon of Native guacamole in a tartlet. Cut smoked salmon into thin strips. You can place them in the shape of a spiral to simulate a flower. Garnish with chopped chives on top and voilà! A delicious starter for your Christmas table.

Sliced toast with guacamole and raspberry

Surprise your guests with this sweet and savoury recipe. Lightly toast wholemeal bread and using a circular mould with a 4 cm diameter, cut out the canapés (you can turn them into a square shape by cutting them with a knife). Spread a teaspoon of our Native guacamole and place a raspberry on top. You’ll see what an explosion of flavour it is!r!

Guacamole toast with anchovies and black garlic

Peel the black garlic cloves and cut them into small cubes. Cut the baguette into slices about 2 cm thick and place them in the toaster or oven at 200ºC for a minute to lightly toast them. Spread a generous amount of Native guacamole on the toast, place the anchovy on top and finish it off with the cubes of black garlic. A very intense flavour for Christmas.