avocado and mango

Avocado and mango are delicious and perfect to eat every time of the day, but they are also nutritive and rich in vitamins and minerals. Avocados, mangos and other subtropical fruit are a refreshing way to include nutrients and vitamins that help us be healthy. And the best is that their benefits can be enjoyed by everybody, from the youngest to the elder of the family.


It is because they are really nice and refreshing, that as soon as you buy it, they are eaten: Nobody can resist resist the temptation of the taste and texture of mangos and avocados! But they are very versatile too. So eating a piece of fresh fruit is not the only way to enjoy them – and their many benefits-, subtropical fruit can be added to your favourite sweet and salad recipes.

When you buy local and seasonal product, you are choosing food ready to be eaten, tasty and juicy. When you buy subtropical fruit it is possible too as there is subtropical fruit from the south of Europe, which offers a high quality as it has been harvested in the right time to reach the markets plenty of taste and nutrients.


The best way to preserve avocados and more mangos


Every time you buy seasonal mangos and alligator’s pears you can be certain that you are enjoying pieces of fruit plenty of taste, texture and vitamins.

If they are properly preserved, avocados can last even 7 days in perfect conditions. Mangos are delicate, so the time of preservation of a natural mango is shorter. Anyway, there are many ways to make them last longer…

How to preserve mangos

  • Mango can be kept at room temperature if it is not hit.
  • Tropical fruit do not get on well with the fridge, so it is advisable not to put mangos in the fridge.
  • Instead, mango can be frozen. The best form to make it is by dicing the piece of fruit and introducing the dices into a plastic bag. By keeping them in this way, they can be added to salads or smoothies, as an example.
  • In case you have a lot of pieces of mango and you are planning to preserve to enjoy them for longer, you can prepare mango in syrup. You could enjoy it in that way or you could add it on your favourite sweet recipes.
  • Have you got ripe mangos? It is time to prepare mangos jam.

How to make your avocados last longer

  • By keeping at room temperature, they can be eaten in a perfect state until a week after the bought.
  • In case you are just enjoying a half of the alligator’s pear, the rest of the product should be kept with the seed by adding some drops of lemon on the flesh.
  • Avocados can be kept in the freezer. To get it, it is recommended to cut them into two halves and to remove the seed but not the skin. When the process is completed, it is time to put them into a plastic bag and to keep them in the freezer.
  • Did you know that it is possible to cook avocado jam? It is not just an original recipe, but a fantastic way to keep the fruit and to enjoy it every time of the year.

Tips of a successful preservation of sub-tropical fruit


The success of the preservation of avocado and mango is the choice of right time: seasonal product in case you are planning to freeze it; ripe pieces if you want to prepare a delicious jam.

How can you be sure if mangos and avocados are ripe?

To taste a juicy mango, trust your sense of smell, by choosing those pieces which keep the particular smell of a mango you can be sure that you are guessing. Anyway you can make sure of your choice by touching them: when they are slightly soft, they are perfect.

To guess when buying a ripe avocado, you should have a look under its stalk. If that par is green, it is time to eat it (or to preserve it frozen).

Unripe fruit: What can I do?

And easy and effective – but not quickly – way to get ripe avocados it to put it into a paper bag with some apples. If you close the bag and wait, after 2-3 days you get a ripe piece of alligator’s pear.

In case we have and unripe mango, to get a ripe piece is a question of time. The best is to keep it 4-5 days  at room temperature,  after so, it is time to enjoy a delicious mango.