My last week was special. I enjoyed new Yoga sessions with a new yoga instructor – aka Yoga teacher, coach or trainer –  and I learnt new postures which made me met the interesting universe of Yoga. I decided to complete these sessions with a healthy diet based on avocado. The result: sense of wellness and excellent state of mind all day long.

Let me tell you about the week I spent combining a rich in avocado diet to a new yoga pose every day:



yoga and avocado


We started the week with a new pose called Salamba Sarvangasana or Shoulderstand, I really enjoyed this pose because it allows us to stretch our back as it requires to elevate our body to point big toes toward the ceiling. After the exercice I prepaired an avocado, rocket anc egg toast.




Time to be ready for “real training”. It was time to practise Adho mukha vrksana or Handstand, but pay attention, it is recommended to practise it on the garden or a mat. Now I know it! After such an intense session, the best is to recover energy with an avocado and mango salad. By adding red onion and boiled potatoes, it is perfect as lunch.




Baddha Konasana or Butterfly Pose was the last pose of my daily session. It is nice to breath in and out while in this pose. My lunch was wonderful as I cooked a sea bass, cherries and avocado ceviche: I love this peruvian recipe!



It was the day to meet Chakrasana or Wheel pose. You lie down and roll up your spine to get a posture similar to a wheel. Later a cooked something I enjoyed a lot: Avocado and Tomatoes Gazpacho, pure Andalusian style!




The week was almost over, last pose was Bhujangasana or Cobra Posture. To perform it, we have to lift the chin and to look upward. This posture is fantastic to stretch abdominal muscles. It was weekend! To celebrate it I enjoyed a dish of guacamole over bluefin tuna.