What kind of yoga is good for me?

Is there any secret formula to be healthy forever? Well, the answer is yes, but the best: it is not a secret and it is easy to follow! By the joint of a well balanced diet, the practise of some exercise and the inclusion of relaxing activities we can get that desired good health.


Benefits of following a healthy diet, that includes every group of food as well as superfood, are well known. Everybody knows that if you eat well you are going to look fine, and even your mental health is going to be better. But in case you practise some exercise the results are even better. Include relaxing activities in your lifestyle and you will be amazed for the state of your health!

Should exercise and relax be different activities? Not at all! There are many sports activities that join relaxing effects to get fit, some examples are Pilates and Yoga.  Even: Do you know that there are different kinds of yoga? Each of them offers its advantages as reinforces particular aspects of the many benefits of yoga, such as strength, equilibrium, breath or concentration. Yoga is a complete sport activity but a good choice of the kind of yoga to be practised can increase your wellness.

Main kinds of yoga

There is an incredible offer of yoga practises that enforce one or both of the many benefits of the discipline:


It is considerer a starter level of yoga. It combines poses and breathing with a slow rhythm. It means that it becomes the right option to start to do yoga.


It is a kind of soft yoga, as poses transition flows and are kept for longer.  It doesn’t mean that Iyengar yoga is easy, as coordination and equilibrium are required.


Is a type of dynamic yoga that works on muscles without forgetting the importance of breathing.


Dynamic yoga that enforces coordination, so it works exercises and breath. It is often joined to Ashtanga yoga.


Poses keep for longer in Yin Yoga, but the objective is to feel relaxed by working in the deeper muscles.


The particularity of this yoga practise, which is quite new, it the classroom where it is practised as it 40º. That is a method to make all muscles to be warmed so they are elastic.


Yoga for meditation and spiritualism thought soft exercise and deep breath.


Bases on the energy that flows though our organism, kundalini works in muscles and bones. The pupils tries to maintain poses while working on muscles, without forgetting the importance of breathing.


It is one of the pure kids of yoga, and it is even one of the completest! Every part of the body is exercised thanks to its combination of equilibrium, flexibility, breath and spiritualism.

What kind of yoga is good for me if…

… I am a beginner?

Hatha yoga is a fantastic option to start practising yoga.

… I want to look fit?

As you need a dynamic discipline, Ashtanga, or Vinyasa suit you as they tone up your muscles!

… I need relax?

Iyengar or Nidra are two excelent alternatives that you should try to feel relexed by practising yoga.

… I want to increase my flexibility?

The high temperatures of a classroom where Bikram is practised are wonderful to reinforce flexibility. Results can be seen really fast!

…I am pregnant?

Ananda is a good kind of yoga for pregnancy as it reinforces breathing  while exercising concentration and spirituality.

… I have muscle or bones pains?

Yin Yoga is recommended in case of bones or muscles pain.

…I am looking for sport that I can share with my couple?

Yoga is not just a discipline to practise alone. Even those who say “I don’t like yoga as it is an individual sport” can get a kind of exercise that is perfect to them: AcroYoga is based on acrobatic poses to be practises in couple. It is a very good way to reinforce trust and complicity with each other.

Anyway, there is not a real matter which one of the many kinds of yoga is chosen, as you are going to obtain all the benefits of this discipline. The fact is that you are going to feel better and look better.

Is it possible to increase even more the benefits of practising yoga regularly? Yes, it is possible by combining sport and a well balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits and cereals dairy.