It sound good the idea of tasting a fresh avocado from your own garden, don’t it?  Some plants and trees are easy to grow as the require just some basic regards, but some other ones are quite difficult to cultivate.


Grow your own avocado plant


Avocado’s growth is easy or difficult? If you have read the title of this post you have already got a clue; moreover, in case you are a regular reader of this blog, you are certain that some weather conditions must meet, the kind of weather that can be enjoyed at La Axarquía malagueña, for example, a place where sub-tropical fruit is cultivated. So if you are living in a town where the weather is cold, maybe it is not a good idea to try and grow an avocado plant after all…

Anyway we may say that it doesn’t hurt to try; on the contrary: it could be a really funny experience! Do you dare to grow your own avocados?



To grow your own avocados: A good start…


Attention newers: It is advisable not to focus efforts in a single plant, as the result can be completely unsuccessful. Try and cultivate several avocado’s seeds at the same time. The best of growing avocados is that it becomes the perfect excuse to eat alligator’s pear so you can benefit from its many healthy properties. Every time you eat one, don’t throw its seed, but clean and keep it. Avocados’ seeds are the origin of the growth of the plant.

At the time your are joining some seeds, get glass jars. You are going to need as many jars as seeds you want to cultivate. The day you have both jars and seeds, make sure that there are round toothpicks at home..


Cultivating avocados at home: a question of precision, care and memory!


Look at the first seed it carefully because you need to find its top side (straighter) and its low side (wider); take it between your  index and thumb, so that lower side is over the thumb.. Now it is time to show your precision skills: prick the seed with a toothpick. You have to do it in the middle of the piece, the turn it about 60º  prick it with another toothpick, turn it 60º one more time and prick with a third toothpick. Repeat the procedure as many times as seeds you own.

It is time to use the jars. Fill them with water. Put a seed on each jar and make sure the top side is up. Put water to complete the jars until it reaches the lower part of the avocados’ seeds. Jars with seed should be placed in a sunny window.

No changes for days and days can be appreciated, but it doesn’t mean to forget the seeds your are cultivating. Check them regularly to make sure that the lower part of the seeds is in contact with the water of the jar. Warning! It is required to fulfil jars many times as seeds need a lot of water, so don’t forget to check them, otherwise you will never see first roots growing…


First signs take time…


Those first roots that could be seen about one month and a half later, if you are lucky, but they can take two months, or even three.. Well, after these three months, you could not see any root at all, it is time to accept that some avocado’s seed are not going to become a plant…

Anyway, if there are roots, you can consider it as a minor success: you are closer to taste your avocados from your own plant!. By the moment, let the roots develop for some time. No long time after you saw those first roots, you are seeing a stern which is going to show some leaves in just some days. It is on the right track!


After some months, it is time to plant it


When the stern reaches 20 centimetres or so, a glass jars is no the best place for your avocado’s plant. It is time to but pots.

Choose pots with a right size and put soil until the middle of it, Remove the toothpicks and place the seed on the pot, fulfil it with soil so that you cover the roots.  Stern must remain free, of course. As in previous step, avocado’s plant requires a lot of Sun;  and it needs to be watered too, but with the right quantity of water, Too much can be as dangerous as too little!


After all these cares: It is not easy to enjoy a fresh avocado from your garden anyway!


Is your avocado’s tree growing in a pot: Congrats!

An important part of the procedure to grow your own avocado plant has been complete. Now it is time to cultivate your patience as you might wait for 5 years to get the first harvest of avocados from your own garden..



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