Mango is fruit that grows in intertropical zone. It is a variety of mangifera and it is considered citric fruit.

Mango shows a oval shape and it is usually a little big bigger than a hand, but it can have a weight of 400 grams. The colour of skin of this fruit shows different tones, from pale yellow to dark red, but any of them can’t be eaten. Its pulp is very particular, as it a ripe mango is honeyed, and as it was said to the skin pulp can show different colours, from yellow to orange. But the most interesting  thing about mangos is its taste, as it is really sweet, but with amazing acid touch, that can be enjoyed even when mangos are not completely ripe.

Mango is a kind of fruit that has a high glycemic index as well as a low content of  insoluble dietary fibre, low is also its caloric intake. To eat mango is very good for the health as it is a good ally in the prevention of development of many illness, at the same time it strengthen the immune system.


A big family if drinks made with mango


Thanks to its intense and characteristic taste of mangos, there are many companies that use it as an ingredient of their drinks, and it is easy to understand the reason as mango gives an original touch to their products, which became delicious and tasteful.


We are going to talk about some of the most popular drinks that include mango in the list of ingredients and that can be found at the market:


  • ALO Allure bebida de aloe con mango: this refreshing drink is made from mango juice and aloe vera pulp. It provides a good quantity of vitamins, vitamin C as an example.
  • Maktea Green: this drink is a mix of green tea and mango and pineapple concentrate. This refresher is a really appreciated by people as it is light and good to quench her thirst quickly
  • Fanta de mango: It is maybe one of the ultimate options. Everybody knows the varieties made with oranges and lemons, but now it is also possible to enjoy a new variety with an amazing taste of this delicious fruit..
  • Sobieski mango Passion: spirits’ lovers who love mango too, can now enjoy this vodka made in Poland with a soft but intense taste of mango.
  • Caribe Cooler mango: is a drink made from mango, that includes a low percentile of alcohol. Caribe Cooler is perfect to mix with spirits. This drink becomes a perfect solution to prepare cocktails as it gives a fruity touch to the drinks where it is added.
  • Mango nectar and juices: there is an incredible quantity of marks that offer juices that include mango, but now always wit the same percentile of it. To know if a juice is made with mango or it has been just flavoured with this fruit, it is advisable to check the list of ingredients to find out the place where “mango” “mango juice” or “mango concentrate”  is written, the sonner it appears at the list, the most quantity of it the juice includes,

There are many drinks that can be bought and that include mango as an ingredient, but it is also a good idea to prepare juices, smoothies and so by yourself at home, as it is the best way to be sure you are enjoying products made from mangos with better quality mangos.