Avocados are high in folate, which falls into the family of B vitamins. You may heard that pregnant women should eat enough folate in their diet, but this substance is good for everyone when it comes to regulating mood. How so?

Homocysteine naturally forms in the body, but too much of this substance will block the production of serotonine and dopamine; these chemicals regulate mood, as well as encouraging restful sleep at night. Folate in avocados helps to prevent excessive amounts of homocysteine from forming in your body so that it can produce serotonine and dopamine. In turn, you’re less risk from depression. Being able to sleep soundly and regularly can also mean healthier, happier mood, as you’re less fatigued and will have more energy after a good night’s sleep.

By eating more avocados, you may see that you sleep more soundly and feel more rested and energetic throughout the day, and have a better mood as well.

‘Avocados are the fat and happy fruit’, says dermatologist and nutritionist Dr Nicholas Perricone. ‘They contain healthy fats that boost our mood and improve our sense of wellbeing.’

Include avocado in your diet by adding it to salads, sandwiches or enjoy half of one as a snack.

Over time your will feel much better in both mind and body.

Eat avocados means to feel healthier, in a better mood and plenty of energy. It’s a good deal, isn’t it?

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